Sunday, June 15, 2014

3 years and 9 months old Campbell

Campbell started to read!!!
I don't even know when she figured it out. The other day, she wanted to try reading some words by herself saying she can do it.  And she did it! I was so surprised. Haha. Since English is not my first language, and I thought it might not be easy for my kid to learn how to read, her reading was more exciting for me. She reads three or four letters words pretty good now. We're so excited about her big step! 
주아가 컴퓨터 단어게임을 하다 혼자 힘으로 단어를 읽기 시작했다. 주아가 시도한 첫 단어는 net이었다. 우리 장한 주아! 

Monday, April 28, 2014

My sister, Moonjin

I love this picture of her, and I just wanted to save it in my blog. 

She's such a blessed person. She's so talented for so many things, she's smart, she's such a cool, fun, and sweet person, and she's beautiful.

When I was growing up, I wanted to be like my sister so many times. She wasn't just good on things. She was EXCELLENT on singing, dancing, cooking, painting, being a leader, and study, etc. Almost it was not fair. Haha. 

When she was in high school, the art teacher strongly recommended her to go to the art school. Music teacher recommended her same thing about music school. Her another teacher recommended her to go to medical school because she was smart, and she thought my sister can be a good doctor. (Usually Korean teachers don't recommend about what students need to  do about their future. Actually pretty rare.) 
Believe or not, there was a fan club which school students made for her because she was a star in school. 
Well, that's why I say it's not fair. Haha. 

She loved music and singing, so she decided to go to music school, but she could do anything if she wanted. 
couple of years later after she studied music in Italy, her throat got hurt  because she was studying so hard. Doctors said she might not be able to sing anymore. I remember it was one of the hardest time in her life. Many people said she's so good on so many things, and she can start different thing. However, she stayed so positive, and she has never given up her dream. While she couldn't sing, she was still studying music in graduate course, and she waited and waited until she gets better. 
A couple of years later, finally she started to get her voice back, and she could sing again. A few years ago, She got her doctor degree, and now she travels all over the place in Europe for opera and concert. Yes, she's not just talented person. She's very strong woman, and one of the most positive person I've ever known. 

The other day, my sister told me that one old lady came to her after her concert, and the lady said she was so impressed of her singing, and her song gave her happiness. And also she said she's going to pray for her all her life with tears in her eyes. 
Moonjin said that was one of the most happiest moment from her job. 
She's true artist, and maybe that's why she looks more beautiful when she sings. 

I remember just one time I was upset because I was jealous of her talents haha, but I swear I've always been very proud of her, and I love her so much.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Baseball game night

With good friends 

A little bit cold and it was good to get free blankets with ticket! 
Kids enjoyed so much eating snacks and playing each other. 

Easter egg hunt

Spring in mountain

We visited Brian's parents, and enjoyed spring time in mountain. 

Grandpa is taking Campbell and Imogen out to show them spring flowers. 

Spring photos

By Natalie
Thanks aunt Natalie!

Trip to Las Vegas

We met Ryan and Lani in Las Vegas to hang out together. Campbell and Maddox had so much fun together, and we met beautiful Olivia for the first time. Campbell and Imogen were excited to see a lot of fun stuff there.